Lauren ristow


Lauren Ristow is a lifestyle and wedding photographer in Prescott, Arizona. She's a wife and mama to two kiddos, and also an RN at the local hospital. Lauren and Dani work together to create beautiful, styled shoots and images for Dani's blog, her wellness business and the occasional client they take on together. Lauren's eye for detail, talent for design and ability to showcase the beauty in all things is inspiring. Lauren's style is unique, pulling in lots of light and bits of everyday magic, and truly showcases the love she has for life.

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liz franco

Web + Graphic Designer

Liz Franco is a web and graphic designer living in Sacramento, CA. From her design success to co-founding MTHR Collective, to being a mama to her son, Liz wears many hats- and wears them well. Liz's minimal yet sophisticated style is apparent in the various sites and projects she takes on and when you come across something she's created or curated, you will say to yourself- "that's so Liz!" Her talent and love for beautiful things shines through the beautiful corners of the internet she creates and as the resident web designer at Liz helps to keep this space fresh, current, and extra pretty!

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