Weekly Links


First- how great do those berries look? ALL from our garden which has been a great source of joy for our family! I had no idea I’d love it so much. We recently got our greenhouse tuned up and I’m looking forward to diving into that world of gardening as well. I don’t know anything about it, but I’ve picked up some books and learning as much as I can. One thing I’ve found though is that with gardening there is definitely paralysis by analysis. For years I stressed about starting a garden- what if I did it wrong? What if I killed everything? Well, I’ve done both and I’ve learned that it’s okay! You simply make a note, move on, and try again! It’s awesome.

And now, onto some links-

Who else is excited about this movie?!

Cook: this chicken dish and this banana bread.

Are you an early riser?

I love city guides. I’ve been to Philadelphia before- but this gives me so many more reasons to go!

Free People wishlist: one, two, and three. And look at all of these amazing dresses! And this is another dress brand I adore- I want one of everything!

11 ways to eat more greens.

“No worries if not!” I’m going to try to stop saying this.

I love these backpacks so much! The other week at the airport I saw a family with all different colors on and it was so cute!

The best films of 2019, so far.

Do you have a productivity song? I have a post on productivity coming in the next week so this was fun post to read.

The hazards of spray sunscreen. I’ve never liked the spray stuff to begin with, and now I’m happy I don’t.

Where do you stand on kids on leashes?

Zero-waste periods. Are you on board? I haven’t even considered using a cup, but I’m interested. Hesitant and weirded out, but interested.

Have you ever been on a wellness retreat? This is absolutely on my radar for 2020. Not necessarily this spot, but somewhere.

I loved this post written for families considering adoption.

Have you seen Z Supply? This is my current favorite go-to for all the loungey type clothing. So soft and comfortable! I also LOVE this brand for their tees and bras. And then do yourself a favor and scroll through these- you can sort by price. There are some amazing finds for comfy clothing in that round up!

Meditation instead of detention- I like it!

Some Target favorites, basics edition: this cami (so cute under a jean jacket), this sweatshirt, and this denim shirt.

Some other basic faves: this brand for alllll the yoga wear and this one for all the comfy pajamas.

10 podcasts run by women.

3 ways to cut back on your plastic use. I’ve been working on this!

Do you say tennis shoes or sneakers? I say sneakers and now I’m shocked! And if you’re curious about my favorite insanely splurgey pairs- check these sneakers out. So fun!

Attention teacher friends- take advantage of this offer- a free membership to the Calm app (I love it!).

Interesting article about first-borns and their success rate.

And finally, what high heels looked like the year you were born!