What I Wore to the Young Living Convention


I’m home from Utah and the Young Living Convention and SO excited to share this post. I got many questions about what I was bringing to Utah, what to wear to the Young Living Convention, links to my outfits when I shared on Instagram, etc…so I’m happy to get this post up today.

Conventions are tricky. I’ve been to quite a few, YL or not, and the biggest thing is comfort. I also really enjoy wearing things that make me feel good, so finding a balance of feeling cute and not walking miles in blister-inducing shoes and shorts that chafe is key. See? I told you this wasn’t my first rodeo.

When thinking about what you want to wear remember you’ll be meeting a ton of new people, so bring things you feel most like YOU in. Last year (my first #YLConvention), I didn’t really do that. I wore jeans and plain tops, which is great, but just isn’t me. If that’s what YOU feel best in though, go for it! That’s what it’s all about. This year I took some time and chose things that made me feel confident and also fit my personal style and I was a lot happier.

If you watch my Stories on Instagram you probably saw me talk about my overpacking problem. Thanks to some great tips and encouragement from you all, this trip was the first time I was really mindful about what I brought and it worked out well. Apparently you can teach an old dog new tricks! And I really enjoyed already having set outfits for each day and I’ll share more about this in an upcoming post.

The biggest thing is comfy footwear. I alternated between two pairs of shoes – my fave sneakers and these platform sandals. The sandals may look uncomfortable but they absolutely aren’t They’re like walking on squishy clouds- very comfy! I often wear sneakers with dresses so I wore the sneakers the most but the sandals were fantastic when I wore them.

Here are the outfits I wore each day, with everything linked. Also lots of questions on THIS Free People dress! I don’t have a pic of it for this post, but I wanted to share anyway, If you have any questions let know! I’m happy to help. xoxo

ps do you guys like posts like this? I can’t commit to full on outfit posts, but mirror pics and links, I can do! I’d love to hear what you think.


Striped jumpsuit found here. Bag is a past season, from Gucci. The most comfy sneakers found here. A note on these shoes- VERY pricy, but worth it to me because I love them and wear them constantly. I have a couple different pairs and they all run slightly differently size wise since they’re handmade. I’m pretty consistently a 6.5 and usually wear a 37 in GG. Also- there are so many more affordable options to achieve the same look- try this brand, and this one is great too for a lower profile and fun colors.


Dress from Zara- I’m wearing a size small. Bag from Gucci. Another pricier item but a great, great bag to add to your collection. This is my favorite small travel bag- it’s been through so much and shows barely any wear over the past (very many) years, and it’s very comfortable to wear cross-body. Highly recommend!


I love this dress so much! You can shop it here. I’m wearing a size 4. These sandals are my new favorite. It was a gamble to wear them walking around (they don’t look super comfy!)- but they’re like walking on clouds. You need them. I also have them in Rose Gold. True to size. Necklace from Rising Sun Apotheca.


Theeeee best travel outfit! This jumpsuit is my favorite thing I’ve bought in a long time. Grab your own leopard jumpsuit here and twin with me! I’m wearing the size M, 4/6. Find my jean jacket here, my sandals here, and my hat here (the Monroe)! It’s my new fave- sold out now but get on the list to be updated when they restock in September.

Happy shopping, and twinning! Keep me posted on what you get and love, and tag me in your Stories and photos when you wear them!