Happy Monday! We just had the best weekend- we had zero plans and the only things on our agenda was to visit the Farmer’s Market, swim, work in the garden, and see Toy Story 4 (it was the cutest movie!). We had no events, no get-togethers, just some solid family time doing our favorite things. I love hanging with friends but it’s so nice to just retreat into our little bubble and soak up the five of us too.

Today I wanted to share a fun Currently post (a long-running feature on my old blog, the first on my new site!) to kick off the week! Enjoy- and thank you again for all of the kind words about It is amazing to feel inspired again!

Thinking about

Reusable Ziploc bags. I talked about these in my Instagram stories a few days ago and got so many messages! We’ve been using these for years and years but a few months ago I was at Costco and bought a huge multi-pack of Ziplocs that were on sale. It’s amazing how easy it is to get out of a good habit. We went from using the reusable ones daily, washing them and air drying on the rack, to quickly reaching for the plastic ones. I would like to do better though so we’ve been reusing the plastic ones until we work our way through the rest of the box I purchased and then I’m fully committing us to the reusable ones. Here are some great options to check out: Stasher bags (thank you to my friend Veronica for this link) and Winit brand. Any other recs?

Reading (and watching)

The Handmaid’s Tale. I’ll talk more about this in an upcoming post but I recently decided to revisit some of my classic literature favorites from high school and college. One of the first I reached for was The Handmaid’s Tale and the enjoyment I have gotten from this rereading has been INTENSE! Top 10 book for sure. I loved it then but love it even more now. What a beautifully written, truly haunting book. With the popularity of the Hulu series I wanted to dive in before I tried out the show, and this week I popped over and started with Season 1, Episode 1. WHOA. What a crazy show, it’s amazing but also really upsetting. I’m only on episode 2 but some parts are just so upsetting already, I can only imagine how it is as it goes along.

Dreaming of

Another Flagstaff weekend. I can never get enough of one of my favorite towns in Arizona. We headed up north last week for Hank’s best buddy’s wedding (he was a groomsman) and it was so nice to have the weekend to ourselves. Before the wedding festivities began on Saturday we did one of our favorite hikes- Kachina Trail. It’s an easy trail located on Snowbowl, and as much as I love it in the Fall, it’s especially pretty in the summertime. Everything is SO green, and the cool summer wind through the trees is heavenly. I’ll share more about this trail in an upcoming post but in the meantime if you’re keen to check it out simply head up Snowbowl Road until you get to the top- you’ll see a big turn off and unpaved area to the right, before you enter the ski area. Park anywhere. Trailhead signs are clearly marked. Enjoy, and let me know what you think! This one is totally kid-friendly too, by the way.


I think I’m removing my lash extensions! You guys, it’s been three+ years and I’m just over them. I love my lash girl so much and I’ll be sad not to see her, but after an event I have later this month I am most likely going to take them off. To be honest I’m a little scared, because I’ve had them on for so long…but to me that’s a HUGE reason why they need to come off! This is not my face, and these are not my lashes! I don’t like that I feel “off” as I get close to fill time- closer to looking more like me, and feeling like I look tired and/or older! Yikes! Isn’t that funny and disturbing? Time to retrain myself to believe I am beautiful without having big, thick fake lashes glued onto each individual lash every other week! ;) I’ve also learned to never say never for anything, so maybe this will be a break, maybe this will be forever, maybe I’ll get too nervous and not even take them off. Ahh! But I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime I’ll be using an amazing DIY lash serum I’ll share about soon.


Where do you do your grocery shopping? We mainly do Costco and Sprouts. I feel like Costco has really stepped up its organic game in the past couple of years. It’s really my favorite place to get groceries because I always find something new to try! My current Costco faves: Amylu Chicken and Kale Burgers. I’ve been eating these almost everyday and I’m still not sick of them. I also really love her Maple sausages- the kids like them too- and they’re great with some eggs in the morning. A couple other finds: the Hippeas Vegan White Cheddar chickpea puffs (delicious!) and Alden’s Organic Strawberry Frozen Yogurt pops! Soo good.

Listening to

Lots of podcasts! Are you into podcasts? Here are three specific episodes I’ve really enjoyed lately: first, Oprah’s Master Class featuring Goldie Hawn. This was such a great one- I love Goldie Hawn and found her story to be so enlightening and inspiring. The episode left me feeling totally uplifted. Next, I have to recommend an episode on one of my favorite podcasts, Ed Mylett’s. His recent episode with Chris and Heidi Powell- all about building self-confidence and self-belief- was a great one. I loved it, and I bet you will too! And last, go listen to Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert’s episode with Chelsea Handler. I’m a huge Chelsea fan, and I also really enjoy Dax’s podcast, so this was a win-win for me. 2 hours well spent!


I’ll keep this short and sweet, if you’re not already following Heather McMahan you better GET ON IT! She’s the best thing to happen to my internet world, ever and I absolutely adore her. Funniest woman out there. Follow her, watch all of her highlights, tune in daily to laugh at your phone awkwardly in public places or on the treadmill (me, this morning) and ENJOY! Keep me posted on how much you love her too.