This Happy


What in your life makes you THIS HAPPY? Level “Olive squealing with joy as she goes down the slide for the 5th time happy.” That happy. I live for those “Mommy, this is FUN!” squeals, cheeks in a perma-grin, running around mornings with my girl. This age is MAGIC, and her happiness is contagious. I was thinking about happiness yesterday while watching Olive run, jump, and play at one of our local parks and observing the pure joy she had in her playtime.

Like, what makes ME that happy?

Mine would be, a really really good meal around a table with good friends that lasts extra long. Where you’re laughing so hard and no one gets up for hours and it’s just one of those perfect nights. Lots of cheese and meat and wine would be there too.

When I can’t put down a book. Obsession level. When I think about the book until I can read it again (which is what happens as a parent, little sneaks here and there and way too late into the night), and then when I get some me time to dive in…amazing.

Also when I feel like my kids are this happy. And the pride in myself I feel when I feel like I have done a good job at providing a space for them to be exactly who they are and I see them experiencing deep joy. That is the best. Parenting is the hardest thing and I feel like I’m failing daily. So when there are those moments where you’re overwhelmed with their happiness, and feeling like you’re doing something right- that’s doubly awesome.

Another- the first bite of a REALLY good sandwich. I love sandwiches.

And lastly, at least for today, when you have a really big chunk of time to do NOTHING and there is no end in sight for the nothingness. When you’re a parent this is rare- there is always an end…very soon. But sometimes in the rare occasion we’ll have a kid-free trip, like Alaska, there is a night somewhere in there where I can watch 3 shows and read…and just do absolutely nothing. Those times are so refreshing and FUN.

How about you?