Goodbye, Hello


It was 1999 when I first started blogging. 20 years ago. I started a Diaryland my freshman year of college, followed up by Livejournal, then in November of 2008 I launched Sometimes Sweet on Blogspot, which is what I used all the way up until…today. It’s been a wild ride, sharing bits and pieces of myself online. Some seasons consisted of more sharing than others (and darker hair than others), but I’ve essentially grown up- or at least grown into my 20s and 30s- online.

My generation is probably the last to be half and half. Half our lives offline, half on. Very on. We can remember going to school before social media, we had Spring Breaks in college with only a cardboard disposable camera to capture crazy nights out (thank god), we had AIM and then later Friendster and Myspace, but everything was new to everyone at the same time. We all experienced it together, for the first time- we all learned simultaneously.

Years ago, at the height of blogging, I had hundreds of thousands (sometimes a million) page views a month come to my little corner of the internet. I made a living from my blog when I first became a stay-at-home Mom, little ads on my sidebar from friends’ Etsy shops and small businesses, the Top Mom Blog’s site, monthly revenue coming in from clicks during those early days. Later bigger campaigns- Target and Hershey’s, Method and Zappos. I waded through the heyday of blogger hate sites, rode the ebb and flow of my feelings with being so public, learned lesson after lesson about human nature behind a screen, made lots of mistakes…but above all, truly enjoyed myself.

The other day a reader sent me an email- she saw my announcement about this new site and she wanted to let me know she’d been following since 2002 Livejournal days. She was so kind- she said what a pleasure it was to have grown with me all of these years and how excited she was that I was creating a new space to keep growing. And I liked that. I hadn’t thought of it in exactly that way before, but that’s really what this is. I’m going to keep growing. And as much as I love Sometimes Sweet and all it’s been, it’s time for me to move on to something new. But the funny part, there isn’t that much that will change. Same me, same sharing, just a new space with a fresh feeling.

I think blogging is important. Writing is important. And long after these little apps change and eventually morph into something else or go away, it will be nice to have a long form site for thoughts and documentation.

I am so excited about my new online home. Welcome!