Thieves Wellness Tea


I often think of an imaginary wellness line. We obviously want to exist well above the line, feeling good most of our days. It’s inevitable though to sometimes feel like we’re starting to dip a little below…to feel like something’s coming on- you know that feeling. In the past when I started to feel a bit of tightness in my throat or a stuffy head, I’d start downing Emergen-C, Cold-Eaze, all of that. But now, I make myself some Thieves tea. Have you heard of this before? It’s such an amazing way to kick anything out of your system and it’s the most soothing thing for a sore throat. Try it!

I steep 2 bags of Peppermint tea, add 2 drops Thieves Vitality, a scoop of raw honey, fresh lemon, stir and sip. It’s soothing, calming, tastes delicious, and is a great way to support an uncomfortable throat or feeling “off.” The best wellness support there is, especially in seasonal transitions. If you give it a whirl let me know what you think! And as always if you aren’t already a YL member, you can read more here.